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About MrF Company

Let's Make Our Future Together!

The presented projects on the site are open for further discussion! 

MrF is a developer of various solutions for various purposes, as well as a generator of ideas for their further development. MrF, at this point in time, is not a manufacturer and does not sell finished products, nevertheless, it offers the provision of services to support and refine your solutions on the basis of our own, up to their industrial production. 

In addition, MrF is open to dialogue with potential customers to develop your own new solutions. MrF is also open to potential investors to refine our own solutions and projects presented on the website, with the subsequent receipt of finished products and their manufacture on an industrial scale. 

MrF has competencies in the following areas: 

1. Control and measurement devices (physical parameters: temperature (various media); pressure (liquid/gas); humidity; position in space, etc.). 

2. Navigation. 

3. Telemetry. 

4. Converters of communication interfaces. 

5. Network infrastructure (up to 10 Gbit/s). 

6. Devices for personal use.

7. FPGA prototyping.

8. MCU/CPU firmware development/prototyping.

MrF hopes for mutual understanding.

And MrF trust this will be a long and fruitful relationship!

With Best Regards,


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Minsk, Belarus