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USB Smart SD Reader Project

An open project for an invitation to cooperation from MrF.

Need to store passwords somewhere? 

Need to store significant electronic documents somewhere? 

Need to have several copies of significant documents stored in different places? 

USB Smart SD Reader will provide answers to all asked questions. 

The device offers a container to store any of your secrets which protected by one single password (up to 8 characters). 

The container in the device is an SD card, which can be changed to create a hardware copy of your data on another SD card. Thus, in comparison with other similar devices that have only one user memory, MrF has many removable storage devices and provides reliable protection against damage or loss of your data copies at the lowest hardware level. 

Also, Smart SD Reader does not have an external hardware keyboard for entering a password (PIN), and its role is played by a no less reliable software analogue using special cryptographic protection schemes like in your credit cards with a chip (SmartCard). 

Any algorithms work to protect your data of your choice: AES, Twofish, etc. 

As a result, the device has small dimensions and a fairly high speed of up to 20 Mbps for writing in protected mode (depending on the algorithm used). 


We make our future together!

MrF USB Smart SD Reader is not just a SD card reader, but full-fledged hardware data protection, with the ability to separately manage memory (open/close areas).

The device is composite and contains the following functions:

1. SmartCard (CCID class) - a built-in smart card for managing protected areas of the user SD card memory and for authorization functions (PIN entry).

2. SD reader (MSC class) - actually a data reader for SD cards. It also contains a user authorization function (entering a PIN) using the file system (without SmartCard) by the RSA encryption algorithm.

3. Optional WEB server (RNDIS class) - for the user authorization function (entering PIN) using any WEB browser by the RSA encryption algorithm.

Smart SD Reader allows you to use an unlimited number of SD cards (respectively - unlimited memory for storing information), which can contain any information at the same time both in a protected form and in open form (without protection).

The device supports the main 2 modes of information protection: pass-through and area mode. With a pass-through operation mode, the device protects all information (including file systems and MBR, i.e., work from the first sector of physical memory). In the area mode, the device protects any current file / directory if a user password (PIN) is entered.


Without entering a PIN - the device operates in the most usual mode of an SD card reader with saving information in an open form (without protection).

The standards for data protection algorithms in the device can be any (there are no restrictions). Example: AES, Twofish, etc.

IMPORTANT: If the device is lost or damaged, it will not be possible to restore the information protected by it in anyway! However, open areas remain available for any other SD readers.

IMPORTANT: The USB Smart SD Reader device has an additional password (PIN2) generated and activated by the user. By entering additional password a hardware destruction of all SD card information (open and closed areas) is performed.

IMPORTANT: The device allows 3 attempts to correctly enter the user's main password (PIN), after which it is blocked. Nevertheless, a password unlock key (PUK – Personal Unlock Key) is provided, upon entering which the user is returned 3 attempts to enter PIN. If the PUK is entered more than 3 times incorrectly - the device is blocked forever! 

USB Smart SD Reader MrF
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